4 Seasons Service by Sunrise Gardening

Summer Season

Tree Pruning is the practice of removing unnecessary or undesired water shoots, branches or suckers of a tree. It is generally better for the tree to be pruned by the beginning of September. Sunrise Gardening is the best lawn service provider for this task!

Summer Lawn Care should include keeping your lawn kept at the height of 3 inches to best to conserve water and keep your lawn roots strong enough for drought conditions. Lawn and yard insect control, will help keep your lawn strong. By adding a Summer fertilizer now, it will help build your lawns roots and make a more drought resistant lawn.

Keeping your lawn sprinkler maintained and in good condition will help keep your water bills low and your lawn healthy. Sunrise Gardening provides quality sprinkler repair service!

Hedge and Shrub Pruning and shaping should be done annually to help keep your bushes and shrub more manageable and good looking for years to come.

Fall Season

Fertilizing during the Fall Season will better build your plant’s and lawn’s roots, by doing this you are providing your plants and lawns a stronger base for them to flourish the coming Spring.

Flower Bed Cleanup, Leaf Removal and application of Winterizes Fertilizer are best done before the snow falls for a quick green up in the spring. Mowing your lawn at the height of 2-2 1/2 inches before winter sets will help control burrowing animals such as mice and voles.

Performing Lawn Weed Control to your lawn during the Fall season will help prevent weeds from returning in the Spring Season.

Shutting down Your Sprinklers and blowing water out of your sprinklers will help prevent line breakage and ensure optimum performance of your sprinklers when you turn them on in the Spring season.

Winter Season

Commercial Snow Plowing of Parking Lots and Ice Melt guarantees continuous business operation even on harsh weather conditions.

Sunrise Gardening employs trained personnel with the latest equipment needed to conduct safe Snow Removal and Lot Ice Melting procedures.

Spring Season

Tree Pruning during Spring is advised to start as early as February to help trees for new growth and better shaping thereof. This process will remove any dead or dying branches of the tree.

Lawn Aeration and Thatching along with an early spring fertilizer with a pre emergent will help keep more weed seeds from germinating and improve your soil health. When you begin your lawn mowing, be sure to raise your mowing height back to 3 inches.

Garden Tilling and Furrowing can be done as soon as the soil in your garden is workable and when you can put a shovel in the ground and when you turn it over the soil will crumble. Garden Planting is best done the last week of May to avoid freezing temperatures.

Lawn Weed Control and Grub Control will help insure that your lawn will remain healthy. It is important to use a grub control to avoid more costly grub repair later.

Sprinkler start up and repair early will ensure that your system is up and ready for the season.
Bush Shaping now will help to ensure better blooms for the following year for some plants.
Tree injection for Fertilizer and Pesticides will help improve your trees health to fight aphids and other bugs.

Flower Bed Preparation will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Applying bark or other mulches now will help improve your plants health by retaining moisture where the plants can use it more readily and cutting down on your water bill.